‘Baby Reindeer’ Alleged Real-Life Stalker Fiona Harvey’s 5 Wildest Claims During Piers Morgan Interview (2024)

Fiona Harvey, the woman claiming to be the real-life stalker who inspired Netflix‘s Baby Reindeer, sat for her first on-camera interview since the limited series became a cultural phenomenon, joining Piers Morgan for an hourlong interview posted to his YouTube channel on Thursday.

Harvey claims she had no choice in coming forward —“I was forced into this situation” — after “internet sleuths” tracked her down and lodged death threats. She had recently sat down with The Daily Mail (allegedly later stalking that reporter) and been accused in another story of stalking a Glasgow couple (and threatening them with death). But the conversation on Piers Morgan Uncensored has brought the Baby Reindeer brouhaha to another level.

The limited series, created by and starring Richard Gadd,casts Gadd as Donny Dunn, a struggling comedian who encounters a lonely woman at the bar where he works. The chance encounter, during which he offers her a free cup of tea, spirals over several months as Martha is revealed to be a dangerous, serial stalker. Over multiple years, she sent him more than 41,000 emails, 744 tweets, 100 pages of letters and 350 hours of voicemails. Gadd first translated the traumatic experience into an award-winning stage show of the same name and has spoken at length about the situation.

Baby Reindeer, which begins with a tagline that it is a “true story,” has inspired countless headlines since it debuted on April 11. It shot to No. 1 on the streamer’s TV rankings where it stayed for three straight weeks. Amid its rise in popularity, the fever over the real identities behind the characters burned so hot that Gadd urged viewers to stop the speculation as “that’s not the point of our show.” Fans and online sleuths persisted, leading up to Morgan’s interview and related headlines.

Netflix has not commented about Harvey’s interview, and Gadd has repeatedly maintained that he has no comment on the identity of his stalker, only that he has empathy for her as someone seemingly in a lot of pain and failed by the system. “I remember when I was getting stalked, it was relentless and felt like it was everywhere, and I felt like my life wasn’t really functioning. I still had these unbelievable pangs of feeling sorry for her,” he said during a panel for TV Academy members this week in Los Angeles. “I never saw someone who was a villain. I saw someone who was lost by the system, really. I saw someone who needed help and wasn’t getting it.”

Below is a roundup of five of Harvey’s wildest claims from Piers Morgan Uncensored.

‘Baby Reindeer’ Alleged Real-Life Stalker Fiona Harvey’s 5 Wildest Claims During Piers Morgan Interview (3)

She Hasn’t Seen ‘Baby Reindeer’: “It’s Not Really My Kind of Drama”

“I haven’t watched any of it,” she told Morgan, who asked whether she was curious at all. “No, I think I’d be sick. It’s taken over enough of my life. I find it quite obscene. I find it horrifying, misogynistic. Some of the death threats have been really terrible online. People phoning me up. You know, it’s been absolutely horrendous. I wouldn’t give credence to something like that, and it’s not really my kind of drama.”

“I Don’t Fancy Little Boys Without Jobs”

Morgan asked Harvey point blank if she was in love with Gadd, to which she replied,“Piers, is that a serious question?” She went on to claim that Gadd asked to sleep with her, using a turn of phrase that gets plenty of play in the limited series. “He said, ‘Would I like my curtains fixed?’ I laughed, and he said, ‘That’s a euphemism. You want me to come home with you?'” Harvey claims she turned him down because she had a boyfriend back then. “I gave him the brush off big time, I think, you know, subtly so. But the bottom line is [that], no, I don’t fancy little boys without jobs. That sounds awful. That sounds really, really callous. But, you know.” Regarding that boyfriend, Harvey claims she was in a five-year relationship with a lawyer. “I don’t want to drag him in. He thinks this is horrendous. All of my lawyer friends do. All of my professional friends do. Other people do. People are being really sympathetic.”

Claims to Have Sent “Less Than 10” Emails to Gadd

Morgan asked Harvey about the jaw-dropping number of emails, voice messages, tweets, letters and Facebook messages she allegedly sent Gadd’s way. But, again, she said, “That’s simply not true,” adding that, “I don’t think I sent him anything.” Moments later, she clarified her words by saying there were a couple of emails exchanged but nothing close to 41,000 that has been widely reported. “There may have been a couple of emails exchanging, but that was it. Just jokey banter emails,” she said. “Less than 10.”

She Claims to Have Never Contacted Gadd by Phone

Despite longstanding reports that Gadd received 350 hours of voicemails from his stalker, Harvey said she had no way of reaching him. “I’ve not phoned the guy. I don’t have his number.” Morgan then pressed her on the subject of the voicemails, and she went so far as to accuse Gadd of recording their conversations in the London bar. “He could have beentaping me in the Hawley Arms though. I’ve not contacted him.”

Maintained Six Email Accounts, Four Different Phones

Morgan seemed surprised by the tools Harvey used to communicate with the outside world. She admitted to using six email accounts and managing four cell phones. “I like to keep people on different phones and different emails,” she explained. “It’s just easier. It’s easier. So you have some for your utilities, some for close friends, whatever.” Regarding her cell phones, Harvey continued by saying she has used four but two are broken at the moment. “They were very, very old. One was brand new and broke, and it’s still to be returned to the shop. I like keeping people on separate phones as well. Maybe that makes me a maniac or a stalker or something, but if you’ve got somebody on about your electricity bill or somebody on about some work or something, it’s nice to keep it separate. I didn’t do that in Scotland —didn’t have to.”

‘Baby Reindeer’ Alleged Real-Life Stalker Fiona Harvey’s 5 Wildest Claims During Piers Morgan Interview (2024)


Is Baby Reindeer a true story? ›

These questions loom large in the new Netflix series Baby Reindeer, written by comedian Richard Gadd. This, as a title card informs us in the very first episode, is a true story.

Who is Fiona Harvey's Baby Reindeer? ›

Fiona Muir-Harvey (often referred to as Fiona Harvey) is a Scottish law graduate who allegedly inspired Richard Gadd's stage show and Netflix television miniseries, Baby Reindeer.

Who is the real Teri in Baby Reindeer? ›

While the escalating tension between Donny (Richard Gadd) and his stalker Martha (Jessica Gunning) serves as the engine for Netflix's surprise hit series Baby Reindeer, it's Nava Mau's Teri, a trans therapist with whom Donny falls in love, who holds the key to the show's themes of empathy and compassion.

Who is the real Martha Baby Reindeer? ›

Fiona Harvey is the woman outed as the real Martha of baby reindeer. She's chosen to confirm her identity. because she wants to have a right to reply. And so in her first television interview, she joins me now in the studio.

Who is the Baby Reindeer abuser? ›

In the show, Gadd's character Donny is stalked by a woman named Martha Scott, an experience which reawakens trauma caused by sexual abuse at the hands of a TV comedy writer named Darrien, portrayed in the show by Tom Goodman-Hill.

Is Rudolph a fake reindeer? ›

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is a fictional reindeer created by Robert L. May. Rudolph is usually depicted as the ninth and youngest of Santa Claus's reindeer, using his luminous red nose to lead the reindeer team and guide Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve.

Has Fiona Harvey been charged? ›

But Harvey insisted she has never been charged with an offence, let alone going to prison. "That is completely untrue, very, very defamatory to me, very career damaging," she said.

How did Baby Reindeer end? ›

In the final scene, Donny listens to Martha's voicemails and learns why she called him Baby Reindeer. He reminded her of a stuffed reindeer that she had during her childhood. Donny cries at the bar, realizing that he also forgot his wallet.

Who is the real Donny Baby Reindeer? ›

Yes, That Is the Real Guy

“Baby Reindeer” is the work of Richard Gadd, 34, who plays Donny, a slightly fictionalized version of himself.

Who died in Baby Reindeer? ›

But now fans have been left devastated by the sudden death of another of its key players. Eagle-eyed views may have noticed that the sixth episode of the show includes a dedication to someone called Llewellyn Harrison, saying: "In loving memory of Llewellyn Harrison."

Who is the real Baby Reindeer woman? ›

Fiona Harvey from Fyvie, Aberdeenshire hit the spotlight following claims from armchair detectives that she was the 'real Martha' in Baby Reindeer. After weeks of speculation, the Scot said that she had met comedian Richard Gadd years ago when he was a bartender at The Hawley Arms in London's Camden.

Are Teri and Donny still together? ›

Baby Reindeer spoilers follow.

's Donny in the new Netflix show. The seven-part series Donny strike up a relationship with a trans woman named Teri, however their romance is impacted when Donny's stalker begins to target her as well, causing the pair to ultimately break-up.

Who is the youngest reindeer? ›

Rudolph is the youngest and most famous of all the reindeer, universally celebrated for his heroics in the storm of 1939. How he was born with his legendary bright red nose, no-one knows but children all over the world are very glad he was as he has led the team through many wintery nights as a shining beacon.

Who are the original 8 reindeer? ›

In the original poem, the names of the reindeer are given as Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Dunder and Blixem.

Which reindeer is Rudolph's dad? ›

-Donner, Rudolph's dad - Donner, who as a powerful figure in Rudolph's life is in a great position to be a mentor, dissuades Rudolph from being proud of his nose when he is a young fawn, instead of helping his son develop his strengths and learn how to leverage them to succeed.

Is Baby Deer based on a true story? ›

While attempting and failing to stop his stalker, Donny is also reminded of a period in his life during which he was violently abused by a mentor, Darrien (Tom Goodman-Hill). While Baby Reindeer draws on events that occurred in Gadd's real life, the series is also a work of fiction.

Is Martha from Baby Reindeer in jail? ›

I've never been sent to jail. That is blatantly obvious." "Police at your door would be the first thing, then you'd be charged, then you would have a trial.

Are the Baby Reindeer emails real? ›

Alleged 'Baby Reindeer' Stalker Sent U.K. Labour Leader Hundreds of Abusive Emails (Report) The emails, allegedly from Fiona Harvey and dated January to August 2020, are abusive in nature and end with the infamous "Sent from my iPhone" signature that 'Baby Reindeer' character Martha uses in the Netflix series.

What is Richard Gadd doing now? ›

Now, Richard is an award-winning comedian, writer, actor and charity ambassador who has written for shows like Sex Education and starred in Code 404, Wedding Season and, of course, Baby Reindeer. On the success of the series, Richard told ITV's This Morning, "I didn't expect it in a lot of ways.

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